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On Junior's nineteenth birthday, his father; Uzu paid him a surprise visit at his department, and realized that he had been skipping classes. The young man was busy running a comics blog. His father asked him to choose between his comics dream or the law degree and the welfare he gets from him. Junior refused, and chose the former. Uzu sent him packing; and swore he'd stop providing for him. That was the last time Junior's family saw or heard from him. Junior returns home eleven years later and is faced with a new reality, His kid sister is now a mother to a child that thinks she is her sister, his kid is now a pot head with no direction in life, and his parents' marriage is shaky. While he struggles to wrap his head around the changes in his family his mom is astounded by his atheism, while his fiancée who had some history with his father, struggles to keep it under wraps. Meanwhile, his kid sister falls in love with his friend, while his mom tries finding a way to make sure her son doesn't marry a Yoruba Muslim who is also an actress; a profession she believes is for bad girls. At the end of the day, all the family secrets come to light, revealing how imperfect they are.

  • Rating TBC
  • Running time 100
  • Released 05-17-2024
  • Genre Drama

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