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Over Her Dead Body

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Tuesday, January 25th
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Thursday, January 27th

Over Her Dead Body

Over Her Dead Body

Bluntly reminded of her mortality by an armed robbery attack in far away Ibadan, Zara's mother-in-law, Mama, arrives unexpectedly with 'Cousin Simbi' on an extended stay. She has one mission resulting from that near-death experience; to embrace her grandchildren before she dies. Unfortunately, she has none. Mama decides it is taking too long for her only son and his wife of many years, Zara, to deliver. Mama hopes to hasten the process by deploying all kinds of schemes to get to her intended goal, intervening in often extreme and comical ways. The absurdity heightens when Zara, the wife, will have none of it and fights back. The outcome is a comedy-drama about sons, mothers, and the unlucky women caught between them.

  • Rating 12
  • Running time 100
  • Released 01-07-2022
  • Genre Drama