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Modesire Mbakwe is happily married to Dike Mbakwe and together, they have a pretty and smart teenage daughter, Amara. All is well with their family as we open up with them in celebration mode. Modesire has just been appointed as Acting Head, Investigation and Operations of the NDA after the demise of her boss. Dee, as she is fondly called, sees this as an opportunity to prove that she is more than capable of ridding the country of the drug menace that has been plaguing it in recent times. She immediately hits the ground running with several successful raids and quickly catches the attention of the drug cartel. When she starts to receive death threats, her husband, Dike, becomes worried and tries to talk her out of pursuing the cartel so aggressively but for Modesire, there is no turning back. It's all or nothing. Her constant refusal to see reason even when the threats intensify and involve their daughter greatly annoys Dike and put a strain on their relationship. In a bid to save his wife and family as a whole, Dike has to make the best and worst decision of his life, taking them both on a roller coaster journey that threatens her job, their marriage and eventually maybe even her sanity.

  • Rating TBC
  • Running time 110
  • Released 06-14-2024
  • Genre Drama

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