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Aki and Paw Paw

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Saturday, January 29th
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Aki and Paw Paw

Aki and Paw Paw

After trying different things in the village and failed at them, two naughty brothers, Aki and Pawpaw, become frustrated and decide to give a go at being bar tenders at a night club. After a few days, with their boss absent, a beautiful lady comes in for a drink and these boys struggle to impress, she finds their struggle ridiculously interesting and decides to record them with her phone. She posts the video online with a funny caption only for her to get home to her phone buzzing from likes, comments and increased number of follower. Starring: Osita Iheme, Chinedu Ikedieze, Amaechi Muonagor, Toyin Abraham

  • Rating PG
  • Running time 130
  • Released 12-15-2021
  • Genre Comedy