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Revue of STORKS

Revue of STORKS

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Genre: Animation/Adventure

Directed By: Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland

The storks have moved on from delivering babies and now become a huge retail chain called cornerstore.com delivering packages. Junior (Andy Samberg) who is aspiring to be the new boss of the store is charged with looking after Tulip (Katie Crown) the only human on Stork Mountain and keep her out of trouble. Things get out of hand when suddenly there is a baby that needs to be delivered and Junior has to deliver the baby before his boss (Kelsey Grammer) is any wiser.

Its cute that American kids believe that kids are delivered by Storks, unfortunately, we in Nigeria don’t think this way. Personally, I grew up believing that when your mother eats a lot of beans, her stomach gets bigger and then a kid comes along thereafter. For the reason that Nigerian children do not share the belief that Storks deliver kids, the essence of this movie is lost to them. I could see many kids struggling to understand what exactly was going on.

However, the movie was funny and the kids had the time of their lives. They were in love with the wolves who seemed like the badies but turned out to be a mushy bunch. Much as this movie is a kid’s movie, there was a lesson to for the parents especially as regards spending time with your kids, nurturing and getting to know them.

Storks is a decent movie but I don’t think it will be such a huge hit because it just wasn’t that memorable. I left the cinema feeling the same way I felt after seeing Angry Birds – unconvinced. But I guess that’s cos the movie wasn’t made for me….LOL.

If you are looking for a movie to spend some quality time with the kids, this is just the movie for you; your kids are gonna get a kick out of it but you may sha need to explain the deal with storks and babies. STORKS doesn’t really take flight and scrapes a 6.5/10 on my awesome-o-metre

Have a blast

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Thos review originally appeared on Nigeria’s premier movie review site tharevue.com

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