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#MovieAlert: Tom Hanks Delivers a miracle in ” Sully’ 

Tom Hanks  is an American actor and filmmaker. He is known for his roles in such Hollywood hits movies like ‘Splash’,  ‘Big’, ‘Forrest Gump,’  ‘Apollo 13,’  ‘Toy Story’ and many more and he’s  now arguably one of the most powerful and well-respected actors in Hollywood. Tom Hanks films have grossed …

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Movie Review: White God

Imagine an “R” rated “Lassie” by way of “Spartacus.” That’s Kornél Mundruczó’s “White God,” a brutal but stirring fantasy about street dogs rising up against cruel and indifferent humans. Between its (faked) animal-on-animal and human-on-animal violence, harsh language, sexual situations and casual drug use, this Hungarian drama is definitely not …

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Movie Review: “It Follows”

David Robert Mitchell’s tail-chasing horror is smarter than you’d think – and scarier than festival-goers expected… Most cinema-goers should be familiar with the horror-movie trope whereby the most sexually adventurous teenagers get picked off first by whatever malevolent killjoy has lately availed themselves of a suitable knife, machete or pair of …

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Movie Review: An Honest Liar

James “The Amazing” Randi, the honest liar referred to in the title of Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom’s extraordinary, not-to-be missed documentary, is a consummate deceiver who believes deception has one legitimate purpose: entertainment. A professional magician with a long career on stage and American television, the octogenarian has delighted …

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